StiegeWind Service: Maintenance

StiegeWind will competently and reliably perform the maintenance work prescribed in the maintenance specifications including the converter and transformer station. In addition to the standard maintenance work, this also includes routine inspections of personal protective equipment, the crane and other safety-related components. Our work focuses on achieving the longest possible service lives and the lowest possible wear of the serviced system and its components. 

We take this maintenance work so seriously because it is the only way to achieve the high availabilities which you have the right to expect. Our competent workers, who naturally have all of the required certificates, are knowledgeable of your system types and know what they need to watch out for. We will gladly perform additional comprehensive inspections in consultation with you, whether they involve a generator alignment by means of laser measurement, a check of the electrical components with thermal imaging cameras or a gear oil analysis – not to our own gain, but rather when it is meaningful for you! 

The quality of our work is judged by only one criterion: your satisfaction.