StiegeWind Service: It's all about you

You contract a service provider like StiegeWind to improve the results of your wind energy system(s) or to maintain a high standard. Along with the power yield, the results also include the costs of your service provider. We are aware of this fact and this knowledge was one of the reasons for launching StiegeWind – so that we can optimise your results.

We are happy when we only see your systems during routine maintenance work, inspections or jointly agreed on optimisation measures. If a fault occurs, however, we will naturally come to your site without delay to solve the problem.

Our goal is your satisfaction – and although we want to expand as a service provider, it is even more important for us to keep the customers whom we have already acquired. And that is only possible when you are completely satisfied!

In order to achieve this goal, we will only make you an offer when we are certain that we can meet your expectations. This requires our certainty that we can offer the right specialists for your system types, who can quickly be reached when a serious problem occurs and who are familiar with all of your system requirements. For this reason we primarily offer services for the following types:

SüdWind S70/77, Fuhrländer FL70/77, Repower MD70/77 and all NORDEX, NEG Micon, VESTAS and PowerWind systems.

We will gladly inspect other system types to assess whether we can offer your desired services at the expected level of quality. Don't hesitate to contact us!

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