StiegeWind GmbH prepares for expansion to Denmark


29. November 2013

StiegeWind GmbH prepares for expansion to Denmark

Ottersberg / Jübek, 29th November 2013 – StiegeWind GmbH, a specialist in the service and maintenance of wind energy plants, plans to expand to Denmark in 2014. After numerous conversations with industry experts and the owners of wind energy plants, a pressing need for an independent service provider for Nordex wind energy plants in Denmark has emerged. Various certificates are required as a precondition for this service offer, to which StiegeWind will submit itself in the following months.

  • Preliminary discussions and negotiations illustrate the need for independent service providers for Nordex wind energy plants in Denmark
  • Certification in preparation


During the course of a trade delegation trip with the Minister of Economic Affairs for Lower Saxony in October of this year, StiegeWind GmbH had already conducted several preliminary discussions in Copenhagen. "Due to the demand for our services brought to light by these discussions, we had much more contact with owners of Danish wind energy plants, and other industry representatives and authorities in the last few weeks. Even though we still have a few bureaucratic hurdles to overcome in the next few months, we have now decided to take this step towards Denmark," explains Veit-Gunnar Schüttrumpf, Managing Director of StiegeWind GmbH. 

“Since the Jübek branch with its central warehouse is only a good half an hour away from the Danish border, the starting conditions look good anyway. Another positive factor is that we already have numerous customers from Denmark whose wind energy plants we maintain in Germany. With our strong focus on the needs of the customer and the quality of our work, we will therefore also be in a good position to offer our services to the owners of Danish wind energy plants in the foreseeable future," says Schüttrumpf.

About StiegeWind GmbH:

StiegeWind GmbH offers service and maintenance work for wind energy plants throughout Germany as well as in Italy. In addition to maintenance and clearance services, the replacement of large component parts, the assembly and disassembly of wind energy plants, as well as complete service packages including full service concepts, together comprise our service portfolio.


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